At least I haven’t got to kind “Geraldine” anymore.

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Wanda VisionThe first three episodes comply with Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) And Vision (Paul Bettany) Live an exquisite sitcom life in the idyllic (unusual) Westview city.tea Episode Four Landed on Disney Plus Friday, gave us a dose Marvel Cinematic Universe “reality.”

Episodes of last week After Wanda kicked out “Geraldine” (Geraldine), it left us with the greatest trace about the true nature of Westview (Teyonah Parris) For mentioning her twin brother Pietro and His killer Ultron (For Wanda, this can be a bit impolite to Geraldine).The present didn’t reveal the identification of Geraldine, however Marvel Studios didn’t totally Keep secret.

Let’s leap into an idyllic SPOILERS city.

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Full disclosure: I hope this episode will push the story of Wanda and Vision to the 80s, and make me very excited, considering how a lot I like the popular culture of that decade. las, issues will not be resolved Neon Ace Just like I hope, so we have to attend till subsequent week to placed on the heat jacket.

Instead, we received a passable dump of details about what occurred.


Monica Rambeau and Jimmy Woo are attempting to determine the state of affairs in Westview.

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The actual Geraldine

We lastly confirmed on the display screen that Geraldine was truly Monica Rambeau (also called “Lieutenant Trouble”), who was beforehand thought of a 90s-class little one Captain Marvel.This episode reminds us that Monica disappeared Avengers: Snapshot of Infinity War After her mom Maria (seemingly profitable) had surgical procedure to take away the most cancers.

In the 5 years since Monica left, Maria’s most cancers recurred and she or he died.This is the first time we have seen the chaos brought on by everybody turning round Avengers: EndgameSpiderman: far from home Adopted a joking attitude-it was merciless. She woke as much as discover everybody panicked and located that her mom had handed away. jeep.

Unlock your sword

So far, we have been teasing us with the brand, after which we confirmed SWORD on this episode. The Perceptual Weapons Observation and Response Department is a US intelligence company established by Maria to watch threats and potential allies from space-except throughout Monica’s absence, the focus is shifted to “robots, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and sentient weapons.” It has additionally moved to sensory weapon manufacturing-what might be improper?

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Jimmy Woo requested the similar query. Note the Skrulls reference on the left aspect of the board.

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Darcy and Jimmy

The actual star of this episode is the astrophysicist Darcy Lewis (Kate Dennings) And FBI agent Wu Yusen (Randall Park), final appeared in Thor: The Dark World with Ant-Man and the Wasp respectively. The pair are principally brokers of the viewers as they fight to determine what occurred after they watched Wanda and Vision sitcoms on classic TV.

Wanda took over the city of Westview, New Jersey, and locals have been pressured to develop into “actors” on the present. The recollections of the residents of the space (even the folks from Eastview, and probably the folks from Shelbyville to Springfield in Westview) have additionally been deleted.

Darcy and Jimmy additionally totally participated in the present, however there we noticed radio reveals and Episode 2, The present solely skipped one scene for them. When Wanda reacts to any interference from the MCU actuality, it would disappear, censoring what she does not like.

Suitable for

To make certain, the beekeeper watcher in episode 2-Agent Franklin-is a SWORD agent despatched to the city, however he enters the sewer in a radiation swimsuit, and when he crosses the barrier, he turns into a beekeeper’s costume.

Where do bees come from? Radiation following appears prone to routinely remodel into one thing appropriate for Wanda’s synthetic reality-this may additionally be how Monica will get appropriate garments. Then, she may infiltrate in response to the narrative of the present and work out what occurred.

Jimmy stated that the SWORD drone modified its colour “according to the production design,” but it surely turned pink as a substitute of monochrome, the similar as Wanda’s chaotic power and actuality stone (one in all the destroyed infinite stones).


Hello, dream evening cheering imaginative and prescient.

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The strolling useless

After Wanda saves Monica attempting to carry her a sensible actuality, she briefly regards Vision as a grey strolling corpse with a giant gap in his head, Tylenol From there, Thanos dug a cave of the thoughts, in order that the Infinity War climaxed. This is terrifying, and should trace at how fragile Wanda’s actuality is. Vision additionally appears to be useless, particularly after Vision steered that they need to go away Westview.

“No, we can’t. This is our home.” Wanda stated tearfully, indicating that the actuality of Xijing is the solely place the place she retains Vision alive.

Monica’s interruption additionally modified the facet ratio from the retro 4:3 to a extra appropriate widescreen, however 4:3 is mirrored in Wanda’s phantasm.


Don’t attempt to mess with Wanda’s actuality.

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Wanda World

“It’s Wanda. It’s all Wanda.” Monica stated shaky after being kicked out of Westview.

Really, Wanda appears to be getting what she needs, however will she be underneath the affect of others? The identities of most city residents are in the duty of Darcy and Jimmy’s board of administrators, however Agnes (Catherine Hahn) And Dottie Jones (Emma Caulfield) Obviously absent. We have by no means met Agnes’s husband, however she talked about him many occasions.

One of those folks could also be the grasp puppeteer who controls Wanda and needs her kids (they could be tremendous succesful). In the mainstream comedian world, Wanda’s sons Billy and Tommy grew up and joined the younger Avengers (Wiccan and Speed).

Voodoo kids

The music on this episode is certainly the Ripper: 1968 Voodoo children (minor return) Jimi Hendrix’s work contains the iconic lyric poem: “Well, I stand by a mountain and chop it down with my hands.”

However, the subsequent few traces are extra associated to Wanda’s apparent actions: “Well, I picked up all the pieces and built an island, maybe even just a little sand.” She picked up Thanos’s damaged life, and An “island” was created in Westview.

The title “Voodoo Child” additionally suits the magical nature of Wanda’s twin boys.

Observation and WTF points

  • Monica (Monica) reported again to the SWORD headquarters three weeks later, and put the present after Endgame.
  • When Jimmy met Monica, Jimmy waved his card like a magician-it was a trick He learned From Scott Lang in “Ant-Man and the Wasp.” Whether you suppose this transfer is superior or silly, it could be a check for Rorschach (I firmly belong to the former class, however I’m pleased with my obscurity).
  • Why did Monica undergo obstacles when Jimmy could not enter? Could it’s as a result of she was dirty by Snap? We do not know if he’s, however it appears that evidently he may need survived.
  • Monica’s SWORD jacket may be very candy, I’ll put on it.
  • What occurred to Agent Franklin after Wanda took him out of there?
  • Darcy found cosmic microwave background radiation round the city, and Tyler Hayward, director of the company SWORD, identified that radiation is “remains that can be traced back to the Big Bang.” Since Infinity Stones have been shaped round this time, that is one other suggestion involving the Reality Stone (or a minimum of its power).
  • Who is Jimmy’s lacking individual? They are in the witness safety plan, and he most likely did not see him in the show-otherwise he would develop into a board member. Since she will not be a regulation enforcement officer, he might not point out it to Darcy. Agnes’ mysterious husband appears very probably.
  • Jimmy solved the downside on the downside whiteboard, however Westview was hexagonal. It will not be clear what the which means of this form is, however it’s a image of the “advanced conceptual mechanics” of a scientific suppose tank with ethical points in comics.In the MCU, they’re Iron Man 3.

Come again for extra Easter eggs and observations next Friday, When WandaVision entered Disney Plus in Episode 5.

Caitlin Petrakovitz of CNET contributed to this.

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