Ocarina is a necessity The Legend of Zelda: Lincoln’s Awakening, But it’s not tough to skip Link’s favourite instrument at first. Similar to a magnifying glass, You will want Ocarina to spend a number of key story moments, however that is primarily a really handy exploration venture. After fixing the ocarina, you want to learn some tones-unless you’re happy with the painful improvisation of Link on the spot.

In this information, we’ll present you the way to get the Ocarina and how to learn all the songs in it The Legend of Zelda: Lincoln’s Awakening.

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How to get the Ocarina

1. Complete the key cave

Before getting the Ocarina, it’s essential to cross no less than the third Dungeon Key Cavern Linked Awakening.That’s since you want each Power Bracelet (present in Bottle Grotto) and Pegasus Boots (present in Key Cavern and use In a colored dungeon) Reach the Ocarina.

2. Go to Dream Shrine

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Take the Ocarina Linked Awakening, The hyperlink should take a nap. Go to Mabe Village. To the north of the Town Tool Shop, on the stairs, you will notice a stone constructing. The entrance of the constructing is surrounded by boulders. Now that you’ve got the Power Bracelet, you’ll be able to carry the boulder, and Link can lie on the mattress.

After coming into the room, you’ll have to use Pegasus boots to race round the room. The floor broke via you, so you’re a little anxious. The treasure field on the first platform comprises 100 rupees. The ocarina is on the second platform, on a flat base.

Now you could have the ocarina!

Where to learn Ocarina songs

There are three songs to learn in “Link’s Awakening”, we’ll introduce them intimately beneath.

Song of the Wind Fish

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“Song of Wind Fish” is the first tune you’ll be able to learn Linked Awakening. Once you could have an ocarina, Marin will educate you.

Depending in your place in the story, she will probably be in the animal village or subsequent to the climate vane in Mabe village.

The Song of the Windfish wants to awaken the walrus to block the entrance to the Yana Desert. This can also be a tune to get up the wind fish in an journey.


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You received’t give you the option to learn the second ocarina tune “Manbo’s Mambo” till you seize your flippers in the fourth dungeon “Angler’s Tunnel”.

After leaving the dungeon, leap into the water and swim left to enter the cave. Inside, you’ll find an enormous fish named Manbo, which is able to educate you catchy tunes.

Manbo’s Mambo could be very helpful as a result of it could possibly rapidly journey to unlock warp holes in the entire world. In the dungeon, the clinking sound will carry you again to the entrance of the dungeon.

Song of the Frog’s Soul

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The third and remaining tune of the Ocarina “Song of the Frog’s Soul” requires a hook. You will get a hook shot in the fish glue of the Catfish in the fifth dungeon. After the grappling hook shot, head to Ukuku grassland.

Extend alongside Mabe Village to the west. If you go south, you will notice a set of holes and a tree stump on either side.

Fashion video games are simply west of this attraction. Use the hook to cross the hole. Welcome to the highway signal maze.

Read the first signal, and then observe the arrow to transfer to the subsequent signal. You should proceed to learn the indicators to reveal the stairs. Down the stairs.

Mamu, the king of the frogs, will offer you the alternative to hear the “unreleased cut” of 300 rupees. Give him rupees and he’ll educate you the tune of the frog’s soul.

You will want the tune of the frog’s soul to revive the rooster underneath the climate vane of Mabe Village and enter the eighth dungeon Turtle Rock.

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