Hello, explorer! Everyone at Passtech Games may be very completely satisfied to launch “Curse of the Dead” on PlayStation 4 tomorrow! We know that rogue rocks that corrupt souls, keep away from traps, and kill monsters may be difficult, so we now have compiled these seven primary skills to aid you step into the tortuous darkness of the temple.

Seek mild

The partitions of the temple sway underneath the shadow solid by your trusted torch. Most of the areas you journey via in “Curse of the Dead” are full of enemies and traps hidden in the darkish, so be certain to search for a lightweight supply, or set fireplace to your personal issues earlier than equipping your personal range, brazier, spider net and even enemies to combat arms. Remember: preventing in the darkish will make you’re taking extra injury from every assault. The icon at the backside heart of the display signifies that you’re in a lightweight and darkish battle.

Explore the environment

Although there are a lot of risks lurking in the shadows, exploration is the key to success in the curse. By looking out all over the place and paying consideration to hidden rooms, you may maximize the quantity of gold, weapons and mysterious artifacts discovered. Risk is all the time value the reward.

Play entice

Traps could also be lethal, however they’ll additionally kill enemies. Scout the surrounding setting to see what is obtainable, then push creatures into spikes and venomous streams, lure them close to the fire-breathing statue, or discover different methods to use the setting. There are many artistic strategies in fight.

Manage your endurance

If you may have performed many motion role-playing video games, you can be aware of endurance mechanics. The small white dot underneath the character represents your endurance, and managing it’s the key to sustaining life. Combination pictures, long-range assaults, two-handed assaults and dodge can eat stamina. Balance offense and protection, and retain some stamina, in any other case you will not be in a position to keep away from injury at vital moments. A correct dodge can restore a stamina, and hidden weapons and relics in the total temple also can improve it.

Practice parry

For those that can grasp it, parry is a really efficient fight device. Tap the parry button simply like an enemy is coming to deflect their assault, stagger them and weaken their defenses. It may even work on projectile assaults, doesn’t require any stamina, and may restore two stamina if profitable. The timing could also be tough, however apply attacking enemies with identified patterns, or equip shields to improve the window of profitable parry.

Deal with corruption

Before the temple takes its life, it could take your soul. The purple curse column at the backside proper of the display signifies your corrupt habits. Taking injury from sure assaults, giving blood as an alternative of gold to the temple for rewards, or getting into a brand new room, will destroy your soul: up to 100 corruption, you’ll endure a random curse. Many curses are double-edged swords, and a few game mechanics have modified. For instance, a curse may cause an enemy to explode after dying: this forces you to be extra cautious, however you may also use an explosion to trigger a series response on the enemy. It will depend on your energy to greedily kill or prevent: the extra corrupt you turn into, the extra highly effective one can find cursed weapons and relics… But whenever you attain 5 curses, your life will slowly dry up. You can eradicate one of your curses by defeating the champion, however this can solely delay the inevitable…

Unlock blessings and weapons

When you die underneath the curse of the god of dying, you’ll lose all the weapons, artifacts and gold you carry. Fortunately, you do preserve the treasures collected throughout the run, equivalent to jade rings and crystal skulls. Crystal skulls may be exchanged for everlasting, highly effective blessings, thereby offering helpful rewards and results. They allow you to create your personal builds with highly effective synergy, so be certain to attempt to discover new highly effective mixtures. Yuhuan is used to unlock new weapons which may be found when exploring the temple. Look for treasures in each darkish nook to discover alternatives for brand new weapons.

Hope the following tips are useful to you, explorer. We imagine that you’re prepared to face the depths of the temple, so please seize your torch and weapon and make a pointy fall. The god of miracles is ready for you…

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