The behind-the-scenes footage of Overwatch 2 is shown on maps of Rome and New York

BlizzCon 2021 comprises prolonged behind-the-scenes Overwatch 2, Blizzard confirmed off the brand new map and mentioned the gameplay adjustments.
Game director Jeff Kaplan defined that his purpose is “Overwatch 2 feels like the next evolution. This is a true sequel to the first game, not an add-on.” and added “This is not a small part, nor an extension of the original game. This is an evolution and replacement of the original game.” Near the start of the video, we are going to see maps of Rome and New York, and the builders will focus on their reconstruction of Rome The architectural idea behind it, and hope that gamers can acknowledge elements of New York.ended Overwatch websiteIn Rome, Blizzard described “romantic old-world buildings and futuristic technical stadiums and symbolic locations such as the Seven Mountains”, whereas New York City “combined high-tech atmosphere with familiar wine cellars, fire stations, and mom’s popular pizzerias.” An genuine metropolis.” Also mentioned “Overwatch” animated shorts, the developers hope to bring the same “film expertise” into the game.

“Overwatch 2” will bring new heroes, game modes and “main story beats”. Developers are currently experimenting with the idea of ​​“passive roles”: “Heroes can have passive abilities based on the role they play. For example, “damage and destroy heroes” can increase their movement speed while rewarding heroes if they haven’t for a while If you are injured, you may benefit from automatic repair. At the same time, they are considering changing the Tank character to be more like a “head-to-toe brawler”-for example, Reinhardt may have two “hearth strikes” charges, and the charge can be cancelled.

The hero mission is described as a “co-op PvE expertise”, which is an extension of the co-op PvE introduced in seasonal events. The developer’s goal is to carry out “lots of of new world missions”, and players can upgrade heroes through a “RPG-style sport(*2*)new areas”, including the “kings”, as we can see in the video above. “Overwatch 2” will also bring visual updates to each hero, and expand through “story missions, in-game cinematics, department dialogue system (bringing the joke heroes to life) and wealthy new map exploration” story. There is no announcement date, however the 40-minute video above does present some attention-grabbing glimpses, together with the brand new hero Sojourn and her electromagnetic cannon weapon. What do you suppose of your opinion of Overwatch 2 thus far? Let us know within the feedback!

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