Watch Jeff Bezos driving a Rivian R1T through the desert while wearing a cowboy hat

Okay, you learn the title, that is the product:

If you possibly can’t piece collectively why Bezos used a pre-production Rivian R1T all-electric truck to blow up in the desert, I can clarify.

As you may guess, Blue Origin is a personal area journey firm, privately owned by Stetson editor Jeff Bezos.

Rivian is an electrical automobile start-up, and one among its most important backers is Amazon… Are you seeing how all these are linked?

Essentially, Bezos is enjoying the Billionaire Big Boys Club and calling his pals to supply autos in Rivian in order that he can rescue the passengers of the Blue Origin capsule like a superhero he made. .

He is principally like Batman, with out the trauma of a repressed childhood…Yes, I’m jealous.

Will electrical vehicles encourage your electronics? Does an electrical bicycle spin the wheels? Will self-driving vehicles cost all of you?

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