Looking for billions of links for 6 consecutive years, which shows that our network is expanding and shrinking

The on-line world is always expanding-always gathering extra companies, extra customers and extra actions.Last yr, the quantity of web sites registered on the “.com” area Over 150,000,000.

However, it has been greater than 25 years since its first industrial use, and the expansion of the web world is now slowing in sure key classes.

We carried out a multi-year analysis undertaking to research world tendencies in on-line variety and dominance. our researchThe e-book, printed right now within the Public Science Library, is the primary article to disclose the long-term development of how firms compete within the Internet age.

We see that persons are paying much less consideration to (however turning into extra and extra dominant) teams of on-line organizations in areas of growing focus. Therefore, though the features, options, and purposes supplied on the network are nonetheless rising, the quantity of entities offering these features is declining.

Network variety

We analyzed 6 billion person feedback from the social media web site Reddit since 2006, and analyzed 11.8 billion Twitter posts since 2011. Overall, our analysis makes use of a big quantity of information of 5.6Tb, which comes from a decade of world actions.

The measurement of the information set is greater than 4 occasions the unique information from the Hubble Space Telescope, which helps Brian Schmidt and colleagues Nobel Prize winning works Proved in 1998 The expansion of the universe is accelerating.

In the Reddit put up, we analyzed all links to different websites and on-line companies (over 1 billion in complete) to know the dynamics of hyperlink progress, dominance, and variety all through the last decade.

We used the measure of “uniqueness” links. In this case, 1 means most variety (all links have their very own area), and 0 means minimal variety (all links are in a single area, akin to “youtube.com”).

Ten years in the past, the links posted by Reddit customers contained all kinds of domains. For each 100 random links posted, there could be greater than 20 totally different domains. Now, for each 100 links posted, there are solely about 5 totally different domains.