Elon Musk’s Neuralink Venture Capital President says he has left the company

Neuralink President Max Hodak (Max Hodak) mentioned on Twitter on Saturday that he has left the company co-founded with Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Muskxxx. Hodak didn’t elaborate on why he left the company, nor did he elaborate on the circumstances of his departure. He wrote on Twitter: “(Since a few weeks ago, I no longer work at Neuralink.” “I learned a lot there, and I am still a huge cheerleader for the company! Welcome to new things.”

Neuralink focuses on the improvement of brain-computer interfaces.Last month, the company Publish the video to YouTube It appears to indicate {that a} monkey has a Neuralink implant in its mind, and may transfer the cursor on the pc display with solely the mind.

Musk and Hodak co-founded Neuralink in 2016 with a number of others, and Musk has invested tens of millions of {dollars} in the three way partnership. final yr, Statistics News According to the report, some former staff described the chaotic inner tradition of Neuralink and acknowledged that its scientists didn’t at all times have sufficient time to finish the mission.

Although Neuralink didn’t invent the human-machine interface, its expertise consists of skinny and versatile wires and extra electrodes than different gadgets, which can present extra information.Musk mentioned that Neuralink’s expertise might in the future be used Paraplegic walking again And permit people Realize “Artificial Intelligence Symbiosis” Combine the human mind with synthetic intelligence.

However, some in the scientific and medical communities criticized Neuralink and have been skeptical of its scientific claims.After August 2020 Pig with Neuralink device Implanted in the mind MIT Technology Review Call company “The Neuroscience Theater,” he mentioned, “most of the company’s medical requirements are still highly speculative.”

And as Marginal Nicole Wetsman wrote Last yr, “fixing the brain is not an engineering problem.” She added that scientists must be taught extra about how the mind works earlier than any ideas described by Musk can cross. Weitzman writes: “The brain is still mysterious, and neurological causes such as anxiety and addiction are unclear.”

Hodak didn’t instantly reply to a request for touch upon Sunday.