Our giant universe: Hubble discovers huge galaxy clusters with exciting possibilities

Hubble Space Telescope’s commentary of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827.

This detailed picture makes use of the galaxy cluster Abell 3827, which supplies many exciting analysis alternatives. Hubble noticed darkish matter with a purpose to examine it, which is without doubt one of the greatest issues going through cosmologists right now. The scientific crew used Hubble’s Advanced Survey Camera (ACS) and Wide Angle Camera 3 (WFC3) to finish their observations. The two cameras have completely different specs and might observe completely different components of the electromagnetic spectrum, so utilizing each of them permits astronomers to gather extra full data. Hubble has additionally noticed Abell 3827 earlier than as a result of its core is a gravitational lens.

Looking again at these a whole bunch of galaxies, it’s wonderful that till lower than 100 years in the past, many astronomers thought Milky Way It is the one galaxy within the universe. The risk of different galaxies had been debated earlier than, however the issue was not likely solved till Edwin Hubble confirmed that the Edwin Hubble Nebula was truly too distant from us to be a part of the Milky Way. The Great Andromeda Nebula grew to become the Andromeda Galaxy, and astronomers realized that our universe is far bigger than people thought. We can solely think about Edwin Hubble- Hubble Space Telescope Named-he would really feel it if he noticed this spectacular photograph of Abell 3827.