Some specialists demand that the male reproductive system be regarded by the World Health Organization as a weak means and a high-risk organ for COVID-19 an infection.

Illustration of sperm in a whole bunch of sperm shifting. Picture: UPenn

Coronavirus disease According to a brand new examine based mostly on experimental proof, it may injury male sperm quality and reduce fertility. Researchers reported within the journal on Friday that viral ailments that have swept the world have claimed practically 2.2 million lives and can result in sperm cell loss of life, irritation and elevated so-called oxidative stress. replica. “These findings provide the first direct experimental evidence that the male reproductive system can be targeted and destroyed. Coronavirus disease “, the writer concluded.

However, specialists commented on the examine that the flexibility of this virus to destroy male fertility has not been confirmed.

Coronavirus disease Can trigger respiratory ailments, particularly within the aged and folks with underlying medical issues. Since the illness appeared in central China on the finish of 2019, greater than 100 million confirmed circumstances have been confirmed worldwide. The illness spreads via respiratory droplets and assaults the lungs, kidneys, intestines and coronary heart.

Early analysis has proven that it will probably additionally infect male reproductive organs, impair sperm cell improvement and destroy reproductive hormones. The identical receptors that viruses use to enter lung tissue are additionally discovered within the testes.

However, the impact of the virus on male reproductive capability is unclear.

Behzad Hajizadeh Maleki and Bakhtyar Tartibian from Justus-Liebig-University in Germany appeared for organic markers that may have a destructive affect on fertility.

Among 84 males, the evaluation is carried out each 10 days at 60-day intervals Coronavirus disease Compare with the info of 105 wholesome males.

inside Coronavirus disease In sufferers, irritation and oxidative stress indicators of sperm cells are considerably elevated. This chemical imbalance can injury DNA and proteins within the physique.

Studies have shown that COVID19 may damage sperm quality and reduce male fertility

Illustration of sperm in a whole bunch of sperm shifting. Picture: UPenn

Strong warning

Maleki mentioned in a press release: “These effects on sperm cells are related to reduced sperm quality and reduced fertility.” “Although these effects tend to improve over time, they are still significant and abnormally high. Coronavirus disease affected person. “

He added that the extra critical the illness, the better the change.

The male reproductive system “should be considered fragile Coronavirus disease Infectious ailments, the World Health Organization declared it a high-risk organ.

Experts who weren’t concerned within the examine welcomed the examine, however warned that extra is required earlier than onerous, quick conclusions will be drawn.

Alison Campbell, director of embryology on the UK’s CARE Fertility Group, mentioned: “Men shouldn’t be overly warned.

“There is currently no clear evidence that Coronavirus disease To enhance the reproductive potential of sperm or males,” she instructed the Science Media Center in London.

She added that since males who recovered from Covid obtained corticosteroids and antiviral remedy, whereas the management group didn’t, this consequence may be distorted.

Allan Pacey, an professional in male reproductive medication on the University of Sheffield, provided “cautious attention” on easy methods to interpret the info.

Some indicators of sperm quality decline may be attributable to Coronavirus disease , He mentioned, and identified Coronavirus disease The group is obese.

He added that the straightforward truth is that, whatever the trigger, just one group may be very sick.

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