People ask me why I don’t write a Covid vaccine weblog. Frankly talking, I really feel that there may be not sufficient info to do decisive issues, and I’m ready for extra info to look. However, somebody known as me and advised me that many allergic reactions, together with an allergic response, occurred within the native hospital after taking 30 doses. Employees have been instructed to maintain quiet.

Then I watched a nine-minute Ben Swan video1 piece Regarding vaccines, he learn the “Rejection Form” that have to be signed by the Maine EMT who refused the vaccine. It comprises false and deceptive statements, and I spotted that I shouldn’t delay discussing my information of vaccines.

1. Moderna and Pfizer vaccine Made of messenger RNA and lipid nanoparticles containing polyethylene glycol (PEG).

with. In the presence of reverse transcriptase, messenger RNA (or any RNA) can doubtlessly be transformed into DNA. The DNA might or a few of its bits could also be linked to your pure DNA.

Although I don’t know the way possible that is, I solely began to take it severely after two members of the FDA Advisory Committee (Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, or VRBPAC) accredited Pfizer’s vaccine approval on the assembly. Consider this risk. December 10.2

I watched the entire assembly and took plenty of notes. Virologists inform us that, in reality, a lot of our DNA is the viral DNA that first entered our physique.3 I now assume that the potential of changing vaccine RNA into DNA and completely inserting it into my DNA may be very small, however I need to show it improper earlier than vaccination.

b. 70% of Americans have already got antibodies in opposition to PEG. The FDA suspects that these PEG antibodies could also be the reason for allergic reactions after vaccination. The UK recommends to not vaccinate individuals with extreme allergic ailments in opposition to mRNA vaccines.

However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that individuals, no matter their allergy historical past, ought to obtain this therapy, and solely these with extreme allergic reactions ought to wait one other quarter-hour (half-hour in complete) within the clinic in case they want resuscitation.

The quantity of allergic response is about 1 in 45,000 doses.4 Or CDC determines that it happens 17 occasions the incidence after different vaccines (1.3 vaccination per million)5). Therefore, capturing a resuscitation in a pharmacy or a spot the place a skilled physician just isn’t shut appears to be a nasty thought.

According to the American Society of Allergy, “The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine should be used in medical institutions that can treat allergic reactions.”6 California has quickly stopped utilizing Moderna vaccine Due to the excessive incidence of allergic reactions.7

2. Vaccines fabricated from messenger RNA or such lipid nanoparticles have by no means been utilized in people. We have no idea their long-term unintended effects. After the themes have been accredited for the vaccine, the medical trial was performed solely two months after receiving two doses of the vaccine.

3. Both the Moderna and Pfizer trials didn’t recruit many aged and frail topics. Since each of those vaccines began to be generally used lower than a month in the past, we have now heard tales concerning the improve within the variety of residents of nursing houses contaminated with Covid or died after being vaccinated.

But we don’t know if it is a random occasion or a response to the vaccine, as a result of dependable knowledge will not be but out there. The aged typically fail to develop an immune response to vaccines. In this case, they shouldn’t be vaccinated as a result of they may endure unintended effects with out profit.

Update: After vaccination, Norway recorded 23 deaths. Among the susceptible aged, 13 individuals have been investigated and autopsies occurred. Norway has now determined to suggest clear proof: “‘If you are weak, you should not get vaccinated,’ said Steinar Madsen of the Norwegian Medicines Agency in a corona vaccine webinar for journalists…”8

On January 15, Bloomberg said: “Norway said that the Covid-19 vaccine could also be too dangerous for very previous and terminally unwell sufferers. This is probably the most cautious assertion made by European well being authorities to this point as a result of all nations are evaluating the primary. The unintended effects of the gun vaccine in the actual world, accredited.”9

4. Public well being officers have mentioned over and over that they don’t know whether or not vaccines can prevent unfold. Dr. Kathrin Jansen, Pfizer’s chief consultant on the VRBPAC assembly, mentioned that Pfizer didn’t take a look at human topics to see if the vaccinated individuals can infect and unfold the an infection.

But Jensen admitted that Pfizer did take a look at primates-and discovered that the vaccinated monkeys, regardless of being vaccinated, have been certainly contaminated with the Covid virus. Their an infection length is shorter than that of unvaccinated monkeys.10

You can see that Jansen first claimed that the primates weren’t contaminated within the lungs, however then admitted that they did get the an infection and the length was shorter than that of the unvaccinated primates-at the beginning of the assembly 7 hours and half-hour .11 By the best way, hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have precisely the identical effect-shortening the time of virus carrying-as Didier Raoult reveals in a brand new overview article.12

5. Are the information from Pfizer and Moderna’s medical trials dependable, particularly claiming that each can produce 95% efficacy?

with. The members of the VRBPAC Advisory Committee need extra info. Two of them require outcomes to be offered between November 14 (the date when the information assortment ends) and December 10 (the date of the assembly). In addition, at two totally different occasions, each FDA and Pfizer refused to offer this info to the committee.

b. In Pfizer’s trial, though there have been 40,000 contributors, Covid-19 circumstances have been comparatively small (lower than 200). Peter Doshi, running a blog for the British Medical Journal,13 Note that the variety of topics identified as optimistic utilizing the PCR take a look at had Covid-like signs 20 occasions as many as the themes identified as optimistic utilizing the PCR take a look at, whereas the bigger group had a damaging PCR take a look at.

We now know that there are numerous false positives and negatives in PCR exams. No interval threshold info is offered. No sequencing was carried out to make sure that PCR-positive people really had Covid. I do not consider these knowledge.

C. Both Moderna and Pfizer offered primary info to the FDA to use for emergency use authorization14 -According to US regulation, a lot lower than the amount required to subject a vaccine license15 -Although Dr. Stephen Hahn and Peter Marks of the FDA might declare to assuage the general public.

d. The FDA has made an incomprehensible choice to not examine the manufacturing services of Covid vaccine producers.16 What does the FDA don’t need to discover? The FDA claimed to have reviewed all manufacturing paperwork offered to it, thereby deceptive its advisory committee. Far from checking services.

6. If the vaccine really supplies a sure diploma of immunity, nobody is aware of how lengthy the immunity will final. (If you may nonetheless catch and unfold the virus, ought to or not it’s known as immunity?)

For each identified vaccine, the immunity offered by it isn’t as sturdy as that obtained after an infection. It is true that individuals who have been vaccinated in opposition to Covid didn’t vaccinate the business-they took all of the dangers, however no advantages. It is alleged that Israelis who’ve been vaccinated in opposition to Covid haven’t been vaccinated.17

Maine EMT rejects paperwork

The doc goals to pressure EMT vaccination via misinformation and hidden threats. For instance, the doc affirmed that individuals may even unfold Covid asymptomatic for as much as 10 days. This has not been confirmed to be right.

Dr. Lian Anthony Fauci is recorded18 years previous It is like saying that asymptomatic transmission has by no means induced an epidemic, though such transmission not often happens. We are nonetheless unsure whether or not asymptomatic transmission has induced circumstances, however it could be uncommon. CDC claims that asymptomatic transmission might trigger 59% of circumstances.19

However, CDC got here to this proposition solely based mostly on using modeling and estimation by its personal researchers. CDC likes to publish fashions of its ailments, circumstances and transmission, somewhat than offering actual knowledge. As we have now seen in Neil Ferguson and University of Washington/BMGF pandemic fashions, the fashions could be simply manipulated to assist the specified narrative.

Magnetic declination file20 Claims that medical trials are strict. I think that few individuals studying the trial paperwork would conform to this. The take a look at continues to be in progress. The FDA made it clear that these two vaccines haven’t but been accredited. Instead, they’ve been “authorized.”

However, probably the most dangerous factor about EMT information is that it’s designed to disappoint rejecters as a result of they may disappoint the crew and the group. In reality, in keeping with our solely monkey knowledge, even after vaccination, you may nonetheless unfold the virus.

So prejudice is predicated on lies. Also, it’s a lied doc and has no signature. You don’t know who wrote it. Why ought to EMT be signed in the beginning of every paragraph? This is only one of its paragraphs:

“My refusal to be vaccinated can have fatal consequences for my health and the health of everyone in contact with me (including my colleagues, my family and the members of the community I serve).”

When a product is sweet for you, there is no such thing as a have to scare or threaten individuals to make use of it. If you might be pressured to do one thing, that ought to be a strong clue to keep away from this case.

If you might be harmed by one of many experimental vaccines, your probabilities of gaining any monetary profit shall be very small.twenty one The US authorities exempts everybody from the producer to the vaccinators from accountability. Fortunately, medication and nutritional vitamins/dietary supplements that are efficient in opposition to Covid are secure and have been used for many years. See the sooner weblog put up for particulars.

Update: 1/13/21 of FiercePharma:twenty two “Except for Johnson & Johnson, Coronavirus vaccine Research from Novavax and AstraZeneca is in late-stage trials, and many other companies are also in different stages of research. In the fierce JPM week expert group, experts said that the “second wave” of the coronavirus vaccine shall be very obligatory.

Update: 1/14/21 First of all, each mRNA vaccines encompass mRNA encoding the spike protein. However, based mostly on cautious consideration of the literature, the spike itself could also be inherently poisonous and trigger extreme Covid signs.twenty three Sent by Dr. Dr. to the FDA Dr. Patrick Whelan on the University of California, Los Angeles.

Secondly, Kanduc and Shoenfeld printed an article in September 2020 known as “Molecular simulation between SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein and mammalian proteome: Implications for vaccines”twenty 4 The outcomes confirmed that “there is a large amount of heptapeptide sharing between SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein and human protein”.

The peptide sharing between SARS-CoV-2 and people additionally happens in mice, however no different animals, different human coronaviruses additionally lack the commonality of this peptide sequence with people. What does it imply?

“Humans and mice (that is, organisms that have pathological consequences after SARS-CoV-2 infection) have a lot of peptides in common.” The creator believes that molecular mimicry is the rationale for the large-scale autoimmune phenomenon of Covid-19 within the later interval. The conclusion of this text is:

“Finally, this research reiterated the idea that solely vaccines based mostly on the smallest immune determinants can present secure and efficient vaccines, that are distinctive to pathogens and don’t exist within the human proteome.

In different phrases, the vaccine must remove spike protein areas that mimic human proteins to keep away from triggering autoimmunity. Whether this paper supplies proof that SARS-CoV-2 might have grown in humanized mice, or is it designed to intentionally mimic human peptide sequences to induce human autoimmunity, I nonetheless haven’t any creativeness.

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