Microsoft will now focus on Xbox One games on Xbox Series X | S FPS Boost

final week, Microsoft launches Xbox FPS Boost, This is a brand new function of the Xbox Series X|S console that may double the body price of the previous Xbox titles. So far, 5 Xbox One games have been confirmed to have this function. Although many individuals hope that some OG Xbox and Xbox 360 games will make the most of the brand new body enhancement know-how, plainly Microsoft is presently solely focusing on Xbox One games, in the interim.

Talk about Kinda Funny Xcast Podcast (by Pure Xbox), Xbox Program Management Director Jason Ronald was requested to what extent Microsoft will return to the Xbox recreation library by way of Xbox FPS Boost. Ronald defined that not all games can use this function, after which affirm that Xbox One games are the present focus. “The technology we proposed is not applicable to every game. In fact, we have made some games work properly. To be honest, I’m playing games; it’s great, it feels great; buttery smooth, but then suddenly, We realized that the animation speed of this character at the corner was twice as fast as before, or maybe in three-quarters of the entire game process, we suddenly discovered a physics-destroying bug because the system runs the game so fast , So that the game does not actually know how to deal with it.

“Currently, we’re primarily focusing on Xbox One technology games as a result of we noticed the very best outcomes there. We are nonetheless evaluating-can we convey this know-how again to 360 games or OG Xbox games?”

Ronald said later that we expect new games that support this feature to be released regularly in the coming months. “This is a really curated checklist of titles and we will be capable of allow it, however we’re now actively testing many, many titles, and in our expectations, we hope that each two pairs of us will launch new titles within the subsequent few It will final a number of weeks in the midst of the month, however our aim is to actually enhance our variety of games,” Ronald mentioned.

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