Metroid game fan? Like mice and pixelart?Then you would possibly need to take a look at Micetopia, This is a brand new game by “the brave mouse must fight, jump and explore its way through the mysterious world”.

MicetopiaCreated by Russian developer NinjaRabbitStudio, it’s now obtainable for obtain on iOS and iPadOS in the App Store. Check out the trailer under.

NinjaRabbitStudio CEO Aleksey Lobachev informed Cult of Mac He began engaged on this game at the finish of 2018. “The development process took about a year and three months,” he mentioned. “I developed the game myself, [although] Sound and graphics have been outsourced.Because I have a permanent job as a system administrator, so I [worked on] The night game. “

The preview of the game is as follows: “Welcome to the magical kingdom of Micetopia in the Middle Ages, where mice live freely… [in] An idyllic countryside. Unfortunately, with the beginning of the story, evil forces took all the rats, except for the remaining elder. “

The mouse that made you acquainted

Next is a reasonably typical Metroid game through which the participant should discover a big world (or, as a result of it’s the dimension of a mouse, it’s a bit small), combat the enemy and grasp new expertise.

Lobachev mentioned: “At the beginning of the game, the mouse learned to shoot with bows and arrows, but the effect was not good.” “Then [later] In the game, his uncle taught him a new bow. [The] Archery is very interesting and interesting mechanics are introduced into the game. [For example] You can shoot through fire and the arrow will light up, or it will stick to the wall and you can jump on it. “

Micetopia Yes Download now, Priced at 3.99 US {dollars}. If you’re a fan of this kind and assist unbiased builders, it’s positively value a glance.

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