According to reviews, Hyundai executives are divided on whether or not South Korean automakers ought to cooperate with Apple to make electrical automobiles. Their worries are stated to be “darkening the prospects of the deal” and are clearly centered on issues that Hyundai could also be only a contract producer of Cupertino.

Hyundai executives stated in a report final Friday: “We are distressed about how to do it, whether it’s done well or not.” Reuters. “We are not a company that makes cars for others. It’s not that working with Apple will always produce good results.”

Hyundai stated earlier this month Talk to Apple. These reviews made Hyundai Motor’s share worth soar by almost 20%. But Hyundai later deleted the reference to Apple from its feedback to keep away from damaging its potential companions.

A later report confirmed that the two firms may Make the first Beta Apple Car next year, Before the major manufacturing begins in 2024.Another report suggests Hyundai may transfer manufacturing to Kia, One of its subsidiaries. At the time, reviews identified that Hyundai remained “cautious” in dealing with Apple.

We are no completely different, you and me

The irony is that immediately Reuters The report means that the impediment will not be how Apple and Hyundai differ in their manufacturing strategies, however how they are comparable:

“Hyundai is traditionally known for its reluctance to cooperate with the outside world, because South Korea does not want to cooperate with the outside world, but manufactures engines, transmissions, and even its own steel company under a vertically integrated supply chain. This is the second largest company in Korea. group.”

This sounds a far cry from Apple’s personal vertical integration strategy, in reality every part it does.

According to reviews, Hyundai is worried that it’s going to turn out to be a producer of iPhones like Foxconn, and it might ultimately finish. (By the approach, Foxconn is Seem keen Acquired half of Apple Car enterprise. )

An individual acquainted with the matter stated: “The group is worried that Hyundai will become Apple’s OEM. This will not help Hyundai Motor to establish a better image through the Genesis brand.” Reuters.

Another supply stated that the deal with Apple could pay dividends first, however it can hurt Hyundai in the future.

The supply stated: “The cooperation may initially help improve the brand image of Hyundai or Kia.” “But in the medium and long term, we will only provide the car shell, and Apple will do its best.”

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