Hyundai executives stated they’re nonetheless not sure whether they mayApple car“It’s a good move.

Although Apple has not but made any feedback, it has Recent and repeated Be reported That modern -Or Attached to Kia -The upcoming “Apple Car” will be produced. Now, Hyundai executives say that the company is divided on how and whether it should do it.

according to ReutersA modern executive who asked not to be named Say The company has been negotiating with Apple. However, he or she will not be able to confirm the status of the negotiation or whether the negotiation is still going on.

The executive said: “We are distressed about how to do it, whether it’s good or not.” “We usually are not an organization that makes vehicles for others.”

He or she added: “Working with Apple does not all the time produce nice outcomes.” “Apple is the boss. They do advertising, they do merchandise, they do branding. Hyundai can also be the boss. That will not work.”

Another executive of the company Reuters. He said: “Tech firms like Google and Apple need us to be like Foxconn.”

The executive continued: “The cooperation might initially assist to enhance the model picture of Hyundai or Kia, however within the medium and long run, we are going to solely present the automobile shell, and Apple will do its finest.”

A third insider said that Apple will seek to source parts from many suppliers and use Hyundai to assemble the final vehicle.

” [Hyundai Motor] Insiders of the group stated that the group is apprehensive that Hyundai will turn out to be Apple’s OEM, which isn’t useful to Hyundai’s efforts to construct a better picture by means of its Genesis model.

Samik Chatterjee, an analyst at JP Morgan, predicts that though Apple is predicted to accomplice with Hyundai Motor Company to manufacture “Apple cars,” it should nonetheless manufacture its personal vehicles. Chatterjee Forecast Apple will “get bigger or go home” by means of its “Apple Car” plan.


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