used to be Raid, as a Research Breakthrough Award, Even as a shadow Pokémon Giovanni’s roster Pokémon go Brought again Suhune, considered one of Johto’s legendary beasts. From January 31, 2021 to February 4, 2021, it is going to revert to a legendary raid. Since the final time we performed in opposition to Aurora Pokémon, so much has modified, however iMore has all the pieces wanted to defeat it.And ensure to examine our Best Pokémon Go accessories, So you possibly can totally grasp “Pokémon Journey”!

Who is Suicune in Pokémon Go?

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Water village It is a part of a trio and known as “The Beast of Datong Legend”.The legendary beasts have been initially a giant cat, initially three Pokémon, they have been killed within the hearth and reincarnated by the legendary fowl Ha ha. Ho-Oh empowered every beast primarily based on the hearth incident. Suicune was given water rights to symbolize the rainfall that finally extinguished the hearth.

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In extra sensible phrases, Suicune nonetheless has many shortcomings. It actually can’t compete with different kinds of water which are extra available. Although Niantic might fully change it indirectly, up to now, it is just a complement to Pokédex. At least extra Candy can energy Shadow Suicune.

What is the very best counter?

As a pure water sort, Suicune suffers double injury from grass and electrical actions. What Suicune has accomplished for this can be a big selection of potential initiatives. Suicune’s Movepool contains Water, Ice, Psychic and Dark kinds of strikes, which suggests it’s possible to produce tremendous efficient strikes for a lot of counters.However, there are electrical sort and grass sort Super evolution Available now, so it is going to have an effect on your Raid social gathering.


Pokemon 644 Zekrom

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Defeated the Mega Evolved Pokémon on the listing and all different mascots, Shadow Pokémon besides a couple of Pokémon White, Zekrom It is the very best counter in Suicune. Unfortunately, this Legendary Pokémon solely had a trial run in Raids, and it was through the international pandemic, so many gamers did not even have sweet to cheer on. As a dragon and electrical energy sort, it suffers double injury from ice however takes half the injury from water. Assault Charge and Wild Charge are actions you need your Zekrom to find out about.

Giant Vinusal

Pokemon 003 Venusaur Mega

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The first era of tremendous evolution grass starter, Giant Vinusal Even earlier than you think about bettering it to different grass sorts within the area, the efficiency on this Raid is superb. As a herb, it suffers double injury from methamphetamine and psychological injury on the identical time, whereas the injury from water is half. Mega Venusaur performs effectively in a vacuum, however does shine when paired with different Grass sorts, so in the event you can safely practice with different Trainers, please achieve this. Any Venusaur taking part on this raid ought to concentrate on vine whips and frantic vegetation.

Super Amparos

Pokemon 181 Ampharos Mega

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though Super Amparos Not nearly as good as Mega Venusaur, it’s nonetheless an amazing alternative for Suicune. As an electrical dragon, it could actually resist water, however suffers tremendous efficient injury from ice. The first stage of Mareep has appeared in lots of occasions, together with Community day So it’s possible that you’ve at the very least a couple of Ampharos powered on. If doable, coordinate with different methods, and it’ll improve different digital sorts on website. However, if you need to deliver Mega Ampharos into this battle, you do not need its Dragon sort to transfer. Instead, you want to use Volt Switch and Zap Cannon.

Electrical home equipment

Pokemon 466 appliances

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The remaining evolution of the primary era Electronic hum, Electrical appliances Performed effectively on this raid. As a pure electrical sort, it has no related resistance or weak spot. Super handy, on neighborhood day, child stage, Elekid, Usually from eggAnd Electabuzz have been concerned since day one. Lightning strikes and wild fees are the very best strikes of this raid.

Come to mouth

Pokemon 243 Raikou

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Another legendary beast from Datong, Come to mouth It is a good counter for Suicune.Provided to Raid Several instances, as a “Research Breakthrough Award” encounter, or perhaps a “Shadow Pokémon”, most gamers have already powered on at the very least one or two. As a pure electrical sort, Raikou doesn’t have any weaknesses that Suicune can make the most of. If you need to deliver Raikou into this battle, you want to use Volt Switch for fast assaults and Wild Charge for charged assaults.


Pokemon 145 Zapdos

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I’m one of many first era of legendary birds Zapdos Performed effectively on this raid. As a flying sort and electrical sort, the ice assault will trigger double injury to Zaptos, so motion abilities are essential.Fortunately, Zapdos is already Raid, Events, analysis breakthrough reward encounters, and as a shadow Pokémon, so many gamers personal all the Zappos workforce. Lightning shock and lightning are the actions required for this raid.

Magnesium Oxide

Pokemon 462 Magnezone

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The remaining evolution of the primary era of Magnemite, Magnezone carried out effectively on this raid. As a sort of metal, it could actually resist methamphetamine and psychological assaults, and Suicune can make the most of any of its weaknesses. Although it requires Sinnoh Stone and 125 Candy to totally evolve, Magnemite is kind of frequent and has been round because the recreation began, so you might have at the very least one powered on. If you need to deliver Magnezone to this battle, you will have it to find out about Spark and Wild Charge.


Pokemon 407 Roserade

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Roserade was initially banned within the Sinnoh space of ​​Gen IV. It is a superb place to resist Suicune. This type of grass and poison did undergo double injury from methamphetamine and psionic vitality, however solely half of the injury from water. The first section of Roselia is kind of frequent and even seems throughout Suicune’s Community Day. If you need to deliver Roserade into this battle, you want Razor Leaf and Grass Knot as its cell gadgets.


Pokemon 405 Luxray

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Luxray was first encountered within the Sinnoh space of ​​Gen IV and was the ultimate evolution of Shinx. Shinx will not be tremendous frequent, however has been really helpful in analysis breakthrough rewards, workforce assaults and a few actions, so you will have at the very least one probability. As a pure electrical sort, it has no weaknesses that Suicune can make the most of, however it additionally has no resistance. Spark is the quick assault you’re in search of, and Wild Charge is the charging assault.

Meow meow

Pokemon 150 Mewtwo

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Although the primary era is a non secular legend Meow meow It would not appear to be a high contender on this struggle, it truly retains up with the highest rivals. It will undergo extra injury due to Suicune’s Dark sort motion, however will resist its Psychic sort assaults. However, what actually makes Mewtwo carry out so effectively is its potential dwell assault lightning. Pair Thunderbolt with Confusion, and your Mewtwo will carry out effectively in opposition to Suicune.


Although most gamers can construct the very best counter, in the event you discover that there’s a hole within the workforce, then there are quite a lot of backups who carry out effectively within the bigger workforce. Just ensure you are avoiding, any of the next could also be a superb backup:

  • The feeling of bullet seeds and loopy vegetation
  • The entanglement of cane whip and energy whip
  • Vinusal Cane whip and loopy plant
  • Torterra with razor leaves and loopy vegetation
  • Victreebel Razor Leaf and Blade
  • Exeggutor with bullet and solar beam
  • Razor blade and blade displacement
  • Porygon-Z with lock and solar beam
  • Magnetron with lightning strike and discharge
  • Vileplume with razor blade and solar beam
  • Okanen with Thunderfang and Wild Charge
  • Chaos and Cascade
  • Trumpet with sucker punch and grass knot

Shadow Pokémon

Rebalancing Shadow Pokémon Rescued GO Rockets Make them wonderful glass cannons. Not solely can their information be improved, however they’ll additionally change the way in which they transfer throughout particular occasions or when utilizing Elite TM. If you occur to have the next Pokémon with the proper strikes, they are going to be wonderful on this raid:

  • Shadow equipment with lightning strike and wild cost
  • Shadow Raikou with voltage swap and wild cost
  • Shadow Zapdos and Thunder Shock and Thunderbolt
  • Shadow Demon Realm with sparks and wild cost
  • Shadow Phantom of Chaos and Thunder
  • Razor Leaf and the Shadow Torterra of Crazy Plants
  • Shadow Venusaur with vine whip and loopy vegetation
  • Shadow Victreebel with razor blades and blades
  • Shadow prey with bullets and solar beams
  • Shadow switch of razor leaves and blades
  • Shadow Porygon-Z with lock and solar beam
  • Shadow pole with lightning and discharge
  • Shadow tulle with razor leaves and solar beam
  • Shadow Mystery, Thunder Fang, Wild Charge

Note: In the listing of greatest counters, Shadow Electric, Shadow Raikou, Shadow Zapdos and Shadow Demon are superior to all different Pokémon. The relaxation are the identical as different greatest counters. When utilizing Shadow Pokémon, Moveset and dodge are particularly essential as a result of their defenses are principally non-existent. If you possibly can safely practice with your coach, then utilizing Mega Venusaur or Mega Ampharos will enhance the efficiency of Grass and Electric, respectively, and make it carry out higher.

How many gamers do you want to beat Suicune?

Although it’s doable for 3 senior coaches to defeat Suicune technically in the very best case, it relies upon largely on Suicune’s actions and your opponent. The Mega Evolution really helpful to this Raid is powerless in opposition to ice assaults. If the Suicune you’re combating has ice-type strikes, chances are you’ll want to maintain a bigger social gathering. My purpose is 4 to 5 to guarantee security.

weather Factors which will have an effect on this raid embody:

  • Rain will improve Suicune’s Water sort actions and your Electric counters.
  • Snow will promote Suicune’s Ice sort actions.
  • Windy climate will promote Suicune’s Psychic sort of motion.
  • The fog will promote Suicune’s Dark sort actions.
  • Sunny/clear climate will improve your Grass counter.

Have questions on taking Suicune?

Do you will have any questions in regards to the Pokémon Pokémon who succeeded Suicune? Do you will have any options on your coach?Put them within the feedback under and ensure to take a look at our Complete Pokédex, So you could be the very best particular person like everybody else!

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