Sega’s R360 could also be the firm’s most sensational instance of arcade video games in the Eighties. The chassis solely helps two video games and solely 200 have been produced.

Although most of them are stored in collections or arcades, one among them has… been outdoors a farm in Northern Ireland for a few years, rusting like one thing rusty. StalkerOr a portray by Simon Stålenhag.

Lee Peters, Facebook group members dedicated to R360, Found the cupboard in 2020, however didn’t reappear till not too long ago and took the photographs you noticed on this article. Obviously, it was the core of the close by golden arcade machine, and was then dragged into the farm for storage by the proprietor, who by no means seemed again and picked it up.

Regrettably, there appears to be loads of issues left right here, particularly since publicity to this aspect will cook dinner any digital units or wires in the machine. But hey, perhaps if somebody can take off the body itself, they’ll at the very least restore the construction of the cupboard earlier than embarking on a restore mission.

If you’ve got by no means seen one among them in observe, then the following are all the unbelievable glory:


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