Follow one Ransomware attack Earlier this month, CD Projekt RED appeared to have began issuing a DMCA strike to include GwentThe supply code.

Hacker claimed to have stolen Gwent, Cyberpunk 2077, The Witcher III: Wild HuntAnd unreleased The Witcher III.However, they solely publicly distributed the next code Gwent Attempt to power CD Projekt RED into the negotiating desk.When the studio refused to give in, hackers auctioned Cyberpunk 2077 And two variations of The Witcher III,this is It is said to be sold Without distributing the code, an costly charge was paid to nameless purchasers.

According to VICE, Twitter users who share hyperlinks to Twitter GwentThe supply code of is launched with a partial assertion:

Infringement description: illegally obtained GWENT: “Witcher Card Game” supply code. Unauthorized launch, no intention to launch to the general public.

These tweets had been changed by Twitter’s customary textual content, which acknowledged that “has been retained according to the copyright holder’s report”.

CD Projekt RED didn’t reply to stories in regards to the public sale. After the attack, the studio acknowledged that it had protected its IT infrastructure and was cooperating with related authorities to examine the hacking. Digital privateness specialists recommend that it is “reasonable” to deal with the attack as an inside job.

If a conclusion is reached, the findings of CD Projekt RED haven’t but been made public.


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